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António Guterres. UN must lead ‘surge in diplomacy’

António Guterres is the ninth UN Secretary General and the third Chairman of the Board of the UN Global Compact. From the earliest days of the initiative, the first person of the Organization oversees private sector cooperation with the UN throughout the world. And the role of this dialogue at the highest level only increases. Guterrish is not without reason waiting for UN reform and facilitating the renewal of the Global Compact on an unprecedented scale, consistent with the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, which today more than ever unite international institutions and business at the point of decline for a gradual joint climb.

Elena Feoktistova. Farther away from the brink

That is a very important thing - what we once created, works for the good without us. What I'm doing now is certainly inspiring. The content, amazing meetings, people who leave a mark on your soul and life...

Diplomat in swimming costume. Icy reception by Lewis Pugh

I think the main things in life are justice and freedom. For me, the protection of nature is a matter of justice. We care about the preservation of international relations, but do not care about our attitude to nature. I am ready to do everything in my power to restore justice.

Ivana Modena. Sustainable development is a holistic way of life.

Partner of the educational project in the interests of sustainable development under the auspices of the Russian national network of the UN Global Compact - the competition “Impact of Business. Local solutions to global problems ”- business school SUMAS. The founder and president of the School, Ivana Modena, Ph.D., author of the book Global Markets and Local Structures, a member of several international commissions in the field of education and communications, explained why she was inspired by the project to promote the idea of education for sustainable development, including - in Russia.

Dmitry Likhachev. The saying “the end justifies the means” is destructive and immoral

In the material world, a large one does not fit in a small one. In the realm of spiritual values, it is not so: much more can fit in the small, and if one tries to fit the small in the large, then the large simply ceases to exist. If a person has a great goal, then it should be manifested in everything - in the seemingly insignificant. You have to be honest in the unobtrusive and casual, then you will only be honest and in fulfilling your big duty. A big goal encompasses the whole person, affects every act of his, and one should not think that a good goal can be achieved by bad means.

Joachim Klöckner. Philosophy of conscious consumption

He lives with only around 50 things, writes for his blog about it and gives speeches on minimalism consumption. Meet Joachim Klöckner, author of the book "The Little Minimalist." He lives in Berlin and gives an interview about the philosophy of conscious consumption.

Fazil Iscander. Economy without conscience is a menagerie with open cells.

The main mistake of our new, democratic state, from which all its other mistakes flow, in my opinion, is that the authorities, without noticing it, repeat the mistake of Marxism: economy is the basis, and everything else is a superstructure.

Lise Kingo. Age of man

Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Bachelor of Arts in Religions and Ancient Greek Culture from the University of Aarhus, Denmark; a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Economics from the Copenhagen Business School; and a Master of Science degree in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath, United Kingdom.

Larisa Ovchinnikova. Business needs to learn how to use Global Compact as an instrument of sustainable development

Today business is considered responsible if it encourages positive impacts through their activities on the environment, stakeholders, consumers and communities apart from making profit and using resources in its own interests.

Gavin Power. Moral compass of a businessman

The implementation of Sustainable Development Goals requires a major transformation of business. Many companies which regard corporate responsibility as a part of their philosophy only take the first steps towards global sustainability.

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