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Presentation-Reception on Behalf of the Russian Business Delegation

Trademark hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Add to calendar 13-03-2019 18:30 01-01-1970 03:00 Europe/Moscow Presentation-Reception on Behalf of the Russian Business Delegation 13 March 2019 18:30 | Trademark hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

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Trademark hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The presentation-reception is arranged by the Russian business delegation under the aegis of the Global Compact Local Network Russia within the 4th session of the UN Environment Assemply. The thematic meeting is aimed at familiarizing stakeholders with innovative practices of Russian business in the field of environmental protection, climate, cleaning water ecosystems from microplastics, etc., in partnership with scientific and public organizations, as well as for informal communication as part of a reception on behalf of the Russian delegation.

Main participants: UN-Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Embassy of the Russian Federation - Representative Office of the Russian Federation to international organizations in Nairobi (Kenya), Embassy of Kenya in Moscow (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya), Global Compact Local Networks in the Russian Federation and Kenya and representatives of the Kenyan companies, business associations, delegations participating in the Assembly, international organizations, scientific and cultural institutions.

The additional program includes mobile photo exhibition «Russain Arctic» by Yaroslav Nikitin and Darya Shlykova (Nikiitna) and premiere of the documentary film project – “The Great North Way” by Leonid Kruglov with participation of Fedor Konyukhov.

Event schedule

18:00 — 18:30
Welcoming guests

Mobile photo exhibition «Russain Arctic» by Yaroslav Nikitin and Darya Shlykova (Nikiitna)

Photo exhibition ‘Russain Arctic’ is a small part of a photo project of the Global Compact Local Network Russia - «Breathtaking Russia» which was first presented in the UN office in Geneva in 2017.  ‘Breathtaking Russia is the project presented the works of the participants, finalists and winners of all-Russian photo contests (such big ones as ‘Best of Russia’ (WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation), ‘The most beautiful country’ (Russian Geographical Society), ‘Russian wildlife’ (National Geographic), ‘Golden Turtle’ (with the support of the Federation Assembly of the Russian Federation), as well as Photoforum, Wild Nature of Siberia, 35Photo Awards, and etc. 

18:30 — 18:35
Alexander Plakida, Chair of the Steering Committee of the Local Network of the Global Compact of Russia, Managing Partner of Alliance Consulting, Deputy Chair of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies, moderator 
18:35 — 18:50
Greetings. Common values and goals
- UN Environment management / Dmitry Maksimychev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Kenya / Head of the Representative Office of the Russian Federation at international organizations in Nairobi
- Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation / Deputy Minister or other representative of the Russian government
18:50 — 19:05
Study of the current state of the Lake Baikal ecosystem, including microplastic and heavy metals pollution
Mikhail Kolobov, Senior Research Scientist, department of Hydrobiology, Biological Faculty Lomonosov Moscow State University, Head of expeditions and research Lake Baikal ecosystem
19:05 — 20:30
Discussion panel
- RUSAL / En+ / Polymetal / Severstal /  Nordgold
- Felix Dodds, Adjunct Professor in Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Senior Fellow, Global Research Institute, University of North Carolina and Associate Fellow, Tellus Institute, Boston
- Veronique Garny, Director Product Stewardship, European Chemistry Council
- Yvonne Harz-Pitre, Director, Communications & Public Affairs, International Fertilizer Association

20:30 — 20:40
Business role in innovative and ecologically sustainable development of Eurasian lake regions
Alexander Timchenko, Director General of the International Association of the Lake regions
20:40 — 20:50
Young Champions of the Earth
Omer Badokhon / Arpit Dhupar / High Weldon / Gator Halpern / Shady Rabab
20:50 — 21:00
Business participation in ecology ratings. Motivation and positive impact
Evgeny Schwartz, Director of the Environmental Protection Policy of WWF in Russia
21:00 — 21:10
Goodwill. Common sense
Viacheslav Fetisov, UN Environment Patron for Polar Regions
21:10 — 22:15
Premiere of the documentary film project – “The Great North Way” by Leonid Kruglov with participation of Fedor Konyukhov

The photographer and traveler Leonid Kruglov with his team followed the itinerary of the famous Russian explorer of the 17th century Semen Dezhnev. Reconstructing Semen Dezhnev's route, authors were undertaking a series of expeditions using both modern and traditional transportation mean. The film covers a unique expedition itinerary in the Russian Arctic and Northern Siberia. It represents a daring exploration through more than 10,000 km of wilderness of Northern Eurasia, meeting its indigenous peoples, and a celebration of a noble adventurers' spirit that is bound to be appreciated by the viewers. ‘The Great North Way’ unites visual experiences from 7 Russian regions from Archangelsk oblast in the west to Chukotka in the east, including the most breathtaking views and extreme environments. Capturing the beauty and wonders of the Russian Arctic is a real challenge for the film crew. The main cameraman Vladimir Filippov who is also a pilot of a small aircraft - designed unique technical solutions using aircraft, so that viewers can see on the screen snowy plains and rocky gorges - one of the most inaccessible places of our planet from bird's-eye view.

It should be lived and experienced in order to find the answer to the question about the great events of four hundred years ago, which forever changed the course of the world history.
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