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ECUMENE-2021. First Congress on Responsible Finance

Add to calendar 29-09-2021 00:00 01-01-1970 03:00 Europe/Moscow ECUMENE-2021. First Congress on Responsible Finance On September 29-30, 2021, the first Ecumene 2021 Congress on Sustainable Development will be held in Moscow with the support of the UN and the UN Global Compact. The congress will discuss uniform rules for responsible finance, allowing all participants to freely attract colored finance in the international capital markets.
What are we going to discuss?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals until 2030 set new transformation benchmarks for humanity. To effectively adapt to these conditions, it is necessary to combine the efforts of various countries, as well as the state, business and civil society. The formation of general rules of the game in the new economic reality is becoming a significant factor in this process.

Russia occupies an important place on the map of the world climate balance, acting as a significant global environmental donor.

Its contribution to the global economic agenda is expressed in the volume share of business contacts, trade and financial flows with economic agents of developed and developing countries.

At the same time, the lack of a systematic dialogue between Russian business and the international community representatives on the formation and achievement of sustainable development goals creates a serious communication gap and leads to significant risks for business.

The mission of the Congress is to include Russia's position in the global sustainable development agenda.

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