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AiF press-center hosted a press conference "UN 75 years. 2020 and beyond ... Partnership Agenda for Cooperation”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the UN and the 20th anniversary of the UN Global Compact. Press conference was organized by the National Network of the Global Compact (Russia) in partnership with the UN Information Center in Moscow.

The discussion spotlighted key activities of the United Nations to this date and the partnership of Russian business with the World Organization within the framework of the sustainable development agenda and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), central to the international community.

The press conference continued the dialogue initiated by the country office of the UN Global Compact on the experience and prospects of cooperation between the UN and Russian business, as well as on the Sustainable Development Goals as a partnership agenda. Convened at the end of the difficult anniversary year, which passed under the sign of COVID-19, the press conference made it possible to highlight the most important, time-tested and practical proven lines of cooperation between the UN and Russian business, to discuss modern approaches and tools for the UN positive impact and its focus on shaping a prosperous future for all, as well as key success factors for the joint movement towards the SDGs.

• Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General of the United Nations at Geneva;

• Alexander Trepelkov, Officer-in-Charge of the Division for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs;

• Vladimir Kuznetsov, Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow, Head of the UN Country Team in Russia;

• Vladimir Moshkalo, Head of the UN Environment Programme Russia Office;

• Mikhail Gusman, First Deputy Director General TASS Information Agency;

• Vyacheslav Fetisov, UNEP (UN Environment) National Goodwill Ambassador, Deputy of the State Duma of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, seven-time world champion;

• Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of the En+ Group Board of Directors;

• Natalya Stapran, Director of the Department for Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Moderator — Marina Vashukova, Executive Director of the National Network of the Global Compact (Russia).

Key topics of the press conference:

• The UN key contemporary roles. The main ideas that change the world.

• The UN structure and approaches: out of the past or in the future?

• The UN-75 global dialogues. Results of the global discussion-campaign on our common future.

• Russia in the UN history. Significance of contribution and interest in success.

• The UN Global Compact. Uniting businesses for sustainable development.

• International relations in the context of a productive SDG agenda.

The main quotes and messages of the press conference speakers – on AiF website (in Russian)
Sustainable development is a key factor in the modern strategy of En + Group, which is focused on the SDGs, supports the Science-Based Climate Targets initiative, and works within the framework of the UN Global Compact concept. The best decisions and actions are based on the achievements of science. By setting these ambitious science-backed targets, we have been able to join the efforts of 154 world's leading companies to limit temperature rise 1.2 degrees Celsius. We hope to fully recover from the coronavirus pandemic and make our planet even more prosperous and safer. We are focused on sustainable development due to the very nature of our products, which can be used in the development of renewable energy, as well as other aspects of the agenda. 2021 will be a very important milestone when we see countries and companies take on even greater commitments to prevent climate damage. It is important that all global companies fight together for a better climate. It is imperative that each country and company play a role here. We vote for a green economy and believe that the work of the UN Global Compact Local Networks is very important for global progress in this area. We welcome the expansion of the UN Global Compact and the local Russian network, as well as the growing engagement with the private sector, resulting in a proliferation of companies aligning their activities with evidence-based targets. The main thing today is to act. It is important to remember that we are all committed to achieving the Global Goals. Each of us is fighting for our common future, and this is not just about the confrontation between the European Union and China, or about who is good and who is bad. It's all about the commitment that the global community as a whole takes on. We are delighted to be part of this process and in 2021 we will continue to lead the aluminum industry towards a low carbon economy. Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of the En+ Group Board of Directors

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